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Community Corrections

Saginaw County Community Corrections offers local programming as alternatives to incarceration for non-violent felony offenders.

The programming efforts continue to expand and provide a wide array of new sentencing alternatives through the probation residential services provided for offenders at TRI-CAP. Pre-sentence bond conditions for inmates, day reporting and electronic monitoring are offered by Pretrial Services.

The State Office of Community Corrections

In 1988, the Michigan State Legislature passed P.A. 511, Michigan's Community Corrections Act, to ease state prison and local jail overcrowding; Michigan became the 15th state to pass a Community Corrections Act. The Act establishes a statewide policy for locally developed and operated community based corrections programs.

The non-violent offenders may be placed into these programs as an alternative to incarceration. Community based programs increase the sanctions and services available and are demanding, restrictive and force offenders to be accountable for their actions. They are effective in the punishment of non-violent offenders.

Purpose of Community Corrections

The Michigan Community Corrections Act provides funding to local communities to encourage sentencing alternatives in lieu of prison and jail. The sentencing alternatives are in place for the following reasons:

  • Punish and hold the offender accountable.
  • Reduce crowding in state prisons and local jails by placing non-violent offenders in highly structured programs which do not jeopardize public safety.
  • Develop additional, middle-range sentencing options for the court in every jurisdiction throughout Michigan.
  • Offer treatment and educational services to non-violent offenders aimed at reducing recidivism.
  • Encourage greater involvement of local government officials and citizens in developing and operating correctional programs.
  • Provide for local controls through Community Corrections Advisory Boards.

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